Legal aid

Financing options

Many who need to hire a lawyer worry about the costs. Often, you are entitled to financial assistance through an insurance company or the state.

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Criminal cases

You who have been subjected to a crime are entitled, under certain conditions, to a plaintiff’s assistant. This is a legal counsel that you are entitled to as a crime victim. If the district court appoints a plaintiff’s assistant to you, this is funded by states. A plaintiff’s attorney is completely free of charge for you as a victim.

Legal Expenses

We assist you in the application for legal protection. Legal protection is included in most Swedish home and home insurance. If you are eligible for legal protection, you may be reimbursed for some of your attorney’s fees. The deductible is usually 20-25%.

Legal aid

We assist you in applying for legal aid. Legal aid aims to help anyone who does not have the financial conditions to obtain legal assistance in another way.

Private payment

In cases where you are not granted legal protection or legal aid, you can pay your legal costs yourself. We give you an estimate of how many hours your case can claim and which hourly charge is relevant.

Public assistant

In some migration cases and in the case of LVU, LVM or other intervention measures against individuals, you may be eligible for public assistance.

If you are eligible, the state is responsible for the cost.

Law for people

For more than 25 years, we have worked with legal advice, with agreements, with business and court proceedings.

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