Legal areas


Occasionally, two or more parties end up in a dispute. Disputes can be about family matters – finances or – a variety of claims such as claims for payment or repayment of loans, defects in property or a purchased item or damages. It can also be about something more tangible such as. who has a better right to a bridge or that a person should be forced to give away an object. Disputes are resolved either in public court or through arbitration if the parties have agreed to it.

Working life

Having employees can be complicated and when there is a need to reorganize or release the questions are often at their forefront and it can be costly if you do not do it right.

We regularly assist clients both in hiring, in negotiations with the trade union or when there has been a process in court or in the labor court. Our competence in labor law also includes issues in work environment etc.


Business law is a broad area and requires a practical and functional approach with a business focus and an understanding of the conditions in business and companies.

Our expertise here covers, among other things, various types of agreements, purchases and sales of operations, assisting at general meetings, AGMs and requirements and claims and assisting in negotiations.

The Family

Child custudy
Partition of joint property
Marriage ordinance and cohabitation agreement
inheritance and will

Insurance and damages

We will help you if you have an accident, if someone has hurt you or if it is the opposite. You will get the right help to claim your rights to both redress and financial compensation, or to defend against unfounded claims.

In the case of traffic accidents, the insurance company is usually responsible for the compensation of your legal counsel.


We have a great commitment to all our cases. This also applies to those who are on the run or otherwise in need of legal assistance when it comes to migration; asylum, citizenship, connection, work permit etc.

Crime and punishment

We ensure that the person who has been subjected to a crime receives the support needed to cope with a trial and to be entitled to adequate compensation either by an appointed lawyer or as a customary assignment. Similarly, we ensure that the person charged with a crime gets an engaged and competent lawyer.

Real Estate

We have extensive experience in the field and can assist you with, transactions and procurement as well as problems specific to purchase, sale and construction.

Furthermore, we have expertise in what is included in the property law, for example water law, environmental issues, servitude, leases and rent.

Law for people

For more than 25 years, we have worked with legal advice, with agreements, with business and court proceedings.

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